What our Clients Say

We’ve had very positive feedback from everyone. It was a valuable and productive exercise which stimulated very healthy discussion and gave us some positive and challenging things to develop.

Tim and his team quickly got under the skin of our global business and this helped to establish credibility in the team.  By building the new model they helped us appreciate what the changes meant in terms of real business.

The Consultancy Company’s industry experience was incredibly important in helping us. We knew what the solution was going to look like: what we wanted was practical help with the action plan, and with the complexity of the project management.

I think that the project went well for our Foundation. The Consultancy Company’s consultants made very challenging observations about our direction and strategy. Their conclusions made it less likely that we would proceed along the project plan as originally envisaged. I consider that to be a success as we were able to discard some assumptions that we had made in the past.

I’m very pleased, we have got a completely new IS strategy. The Consultancy Company really involved our people in a series of workshops to create this. We particularly liked their open and flexible approach and the fact that they did everything they said they would do on time’.

The training was really inspirational and all the staff can see what a difference it has made to our operations.

The whole of the Senior Leadership Team welcomed The Consultancy Company’s professional and supportive approach. It delivered a day that enabled us to discuss the opportunities for improvement freely and identify a way forward.