What our Clients Say

The Consultancy Company helped assess our overall thinking around buying and changed us from a standard ‘price driven’ procurement department into a ‘solution focused’ network.

The Consultancy Company provided an invaluable additional resource at a particularly challenging time. They knew what they were doing and quickly established effective working relationships with all members of our team.

The review was undertaken swiftly and professionally but with a personal touch that was much appreciated.

The Consultancy Company’s input was welcomed by the project team and the senior officers of the force. It provided insights from other sectors and energy amongst a group of staff who are acting as change champions during an important period for policing in Warwickshire.

We made changes that would have taken us years if we had tried to do it through our normal meeting processes. We really valued your down to earth approach: going to find out and solving problems quickly.

There’s lots to do with the Audit Commission inspection but your consultants had a good grasp of what was needed. They achieved the milestones I wanted and it was great having them around.

I think that the project went well for our Foundation. The Consultancy Company’s consultants made very challenging observations about our direction and strategy. Their conclusions made it less likely that we would proceed along the project plan as originally envisaged. I consider that to be a success as we were able to discard some assumptions that we had made in the past.