What our Clients Say

We had become victims of our own success, fast growth was putting more and more pressure on our limited warehousing and showing up flaws in our transport systems. The Consultancy Company helped us step back and reassess our options. We found modelling an excellent way to clarify different options and their cost implications.

The review was undertaken swiftly and professionally but with a personal touch that was much appreciated.

The Consultancy Company provided us with a clear vision and were excellent in their support in turning the vision into a robust, well managed project plan for improvement. This programme of activity has significantly improved the service we provide to our customers and the guidance and support The Consultancy Company was a key enabler.

We made changes that would have taken us years if we had tried to do it through our normal meeting processes. We really valued your down to earth approach: going to find out and solving problems quickly.

The Consultancy Company challenged and supported us in redesigning our processes and changing our attitudes to reporting. The result was a well designed route to preparing our key Ofwat returns. Your consultant worked really effectively with people at all levels.

The Consultancy Company helped assess our overall thinking around buying and changed us from a standard ‘price driven’ procurement department into a ‘solution focused’ network.

We really valued your consultants’ direct engagement with tenants and staff which was carried out in a sensitive but purposeful way. We were impressed with your input and knowledge. The final report was very detailed and identified challenges for the Local Authority.