What our Clients Say

The notion of strategy is to do with the long term direction of the organisation and not just the response to difficulties …. strategies do not arise by sheer chance.

We had become victims of our own success, fast growth was putting more and more pressure on our limited warehousing and showing up flaws in our transport systems. The Consultancy Company helped us step back and reassess our options. We found modelling an excellent way to clarify different options and their cost implications.

We were very pleased with your consultant's work in both fulfilling his specific task in leading the programme but also in preparing for his successor. He was very clear thinking and structured in his approach and brought a lot of knowledge of current health and social care issues to the table.

The decision to employ facilitators was crucial to the success of the away day. The Consultancy Company’s consultants provided the challenge and the energy needed for us to get the most out of a busy, but vital day. I would certainly recommend them to others

Tim and his team quickly got under the skin of our global business and this helped to establish credibility in the team.  By building the new model they helped us appreciate what the changes meant in terms of real business.

The Consultancy Company helped assess our overall thinking around buying and changed us from a standard ‘price driven’ procurement department into a ‘solution focused’ network.

We really valued your consultants’ direct engagement with tenants and staff which was carried out in a sensitive but purposeful way. We were impressed with your input and knowledge. The final report was very detailed and identified challenges for the Local Authority.