What our Clients Say

A key requirement in the selection process was to avoid changing our business IT systems. Whatever system we chose had to be simple, easy to administer and work with the existing systems in each business; which were all very different.

The Consultancy Company helped assess our overall thinking around buying and changed us from a standard ‘price driven’ procurement department into a ‘solution focused’ network.

What we like about the Lean system so far is that it allows the people on the frontline of healthcare to initiate the frontline improvements.

The Consultancy Company provided an invaluable additional resource at a particularly challenging time. They knew what they were doing and quickly established effective working relationships with all members of our team.

The notion of strategy is to do with the long term direction of the organisation and not just the response to difficulties …. strategies do not arise by sheer chance.

The training was really inspirational and all the staff can see what a difference it has made to our operations.

There has been a real change in the atmosphere within the team.  We’re getting more work done, yet it’s calmer and we have time to work on the real underlying issues rather than just always chasing today’s problems.