Our procurement consultants have wide ranging experience. Work we have undertaken includes:

  • Procurement restructuring and improving complete procurement department(s)
  • Centralising Procurement function,
  • Contract renegotiation
  • Creating a joint procurement function for several organisations to benefit all equally

To deliver procurement best practice and we have developed approaches that will enable you to:

  • Categorise spend into strategic commodities
  • Determine where budgets are spent
  • Establish and deliver robust savings plans that are not “slash and burn”
  • Structure procurement activities to provide a strategic service to your organisation
  • Enable you to make the best use of e-procurement and Procurement to Pay (P2P) systems
  • Create better links to suppliers and implement proper Supplier Management

Typically we generate savings of between 8% and 12% on available spend – although in one instance we created a massive 38% saving. The sooner we start the process, the greater the savings.

Supplier Managementshaking hands with supplier

Changing the mindset towards managing the relationships with your suppliers can be key to adding business value, creating new opportunities and avoiding conflict further down the line.

In our experience few organisations ever get past interfacing with their supply base at anything other than a transactional or contracting level. This represents a major missed opportunity, since among the multitude of suppliers with whom most organizations trade: value, innovation, efficiency, reduced cost and increased security of supply are available to those that can find it and unlock it.

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) is a strategic, organisation-wide philosophy that brings together a series of discrete supplier and supply chain approaches including supplier performance management, supplier improvement and development, supply chain management and strategic collaborative relationships. SRM is not, contrary to popular belief, a single linear process or a series of steps that lead to an outcome.

In our experience we have found that Supplier Management provides the means to select and integrate these different approaches according to how an individual supplier or a supply chain can add value to your business.

Managing supplier relationships can really add significant value to your organisation when implemented correctly. Our consultants can help you segment your suppliers and implement the correct level of SRM to optimise the business benefit.