Operational excellence or Lean (sometimes called Agile or TQM) enables organisations to reduce waste and become more responsive by challenging the way things are done in order to optimise the flow in an organisation.

Lean applies to all organisations from manufacturing, where it started, right the way through to service industries, healthcare and government. Used properly it can transform the way teams think and work. Indeed, we’ve applied lean thinking to generate benefits for a variety of establishments – from lawyer’s offices through to the back office functions of public and private sector organisations and even in operating theatre suites (see case study).

Our expert consultants can help you kick off a continuous improvement culture. Implementing a continuous improvement project – where everyone can put forward ideas and have a say in how processes can change for the better – depends on first giving your workforce the training they need to understand where they are and how they can improve their work.

Operational ExcellenceAs a first step we’ll typically initiate a pilot project in a discreet area to demonstrate all the benefits that can be reaped, before we roll out the training to your wider workforce using your pilot team as ambassadors as you become more effective we step more into the background.

Finally we’ll develop a monitoring and feedback process that keeps the momentum going – so that everyone across your organisation is focused on working every day to make things better.

The typical benefits of a lean implementation include faster, more efficient and less wasteful processes, plus a highly engaged and motivated workforce continually making small improvements.