Increasing complexity of omni-channel selling, customer fulfilment and communication (retail, phone, web, apps, affiliate selling channels, social media etc.) coupled with the normal relentless drive to reduce costs every year requires logistics to be optimised. Getting Logistics right can often be a driver for growth for the whole business.

Recent work has included substantially reducing total freight costs, (including insurance, port charges, customers etc), redesigning the supply network, comparing local country stockholding to centralised warehousing and creating a business plan to change to more simple issues like ensuring the warehousing is utilised in the best way to stop offsite storage.

Warehousing and Distribution

Our warehouse experts understand how to optimise a warehouse by using the most appropriate solution, not necessarily the latest gadget or fad.

We’re happy to help implement RFID or voice picking, but in our experience the real opportunity lies elsewhere – optimising your current warehousing/distribution operation in response to changing needs, activity profiles and service performance targets.

Our goal is to transform logistics into a significant added value service to your operation, rather than a necessary evil.

We’ve delivered substantial improvements for our clients; from reductions in inventory and operational costs, to highly optimised transport and distribution and improved delivery and throughput.

We’re also experienced at overseeing the merger of logistics operations following acquisition or outsourcing.

Typically, the paybacks we generate are seen between 2 to 12 months coupled with improved customer satisfactions levels.

Our hands on approach and real world solutions in a very cost focussed area of business really seem to work and return good cost savings for the investment of our Logistics consultants.