Managing the demand from your customers can seem to some an unusual comment but to others it is something that is actively managed. It is a very powerful process and can give substantial benefits from reducing costs in a product supply chain to saving consultants time in a healthcare environment.

We can help you understand what drives that demand for your product or service and enable you to create strategies and processes to understand and manage that demand. Providing a better customer experience and becoming more in Control of your business and saving money.

This will then help to feed back into the rest of the organisation so that changes in demand can have advance warning and allow the business to prepare and handle the demand in a more efficient and profitable way.

Sales and Operations Planning

Sales and operations planning (S&OP) is the next stage in utilising that demand management process. S&OP is a powerful integrated business management process that enables management teams to align and synchronise their entire organisation in a bid to balance overall demand against supply.

If you’ve heard sales blame the factory/supply chain as the finance team pulls out their hair over stock spend rates, then S&OP can help optimise allocating your most critical resources: people, capacity, materials, time and money.

A properly implemented S&OP process allows your teams to communicate and collectively agree output on a monthly rolling basis. In our experience most organisations already undertake much of the planning work – all that’s required is a common system and agreement framework that brings everything together and creates a route forward for all and becomes a powerful tool to really manage the business

Implemented correctly, S&OP delivers dramatic improvements, cost savings and control with minimal change.