Public Sector Consultancy

ConsultantsHere at The Consultancy Company we have a specialist team of consultants who have all had many years’ experience within local Government, local authorities, not for profit organisations and the NHS – both primary and Actue care. We are on two Frameworks for public sector organisations – one for ESPO and one for NHS SBS. They’re both OJEU compliant, can allow a Direct award or a mini tender, and are free of charge to use and access for the client.  If you would like more information about either, please speak with Aidan Salter on 01993 883421.

Over a period of time, the team have been involved in wide ranging projects and some typical examples include:

Governance Consultancy

Visibility and accountability have become increasingly important in the public sector. Our consultants have worked with many public sector organisations to review, validate and/or improve their governance. This has been undertaken carefully, researching the facts first, undertaking appropriate levels of consultation before making recommendations based on best practice and legal requirements. This is all backed up by clear documentation to avoid the danger of legal challenge.

Strategy Consultancy

It is important to have a clear, up to date and accurate strategy to focus on the desired outcomes and reduce waste. We recommend that strategies are reviewed every 3 years or when policy or legal framework has materially changed whichever is sooner. We have good experience of helping organisations collectively refine and clarify their strategy

Social Care Consultancy

With large demographic changes taking place our consultants have been carrying out strategic reviews for clients delivering social care within the local community. Their full understanding of the social care market has resulted in in-depth analysis, and the reviews have revealed surprising results and indicate that substantial cashable savings are achievable. Our team has undertaken needs assessments and trends analyses along with the evaluation of the effectiveness of a variety of initiatives. Proper analysis and obtaining buy in from the whole team ensures sustainability of the supply of adult and child social care services and a cost effective strategy for the local authority.

Healthcare Consultancy

We work with providers and commissioners to help to improve processes, efficiency and support services in a number of health settings, including acute hospitals, mental health hospitals, GP surgeries and social care provisions. Our health consultants have worked in the health sector to provide consultancy in all areas from estates management, back office system reviews, facilities management and procurement through to the integration of services and pathways for patients. The skills that we employ through all our work include an understanding of healthcare, an ability to analyse the real facts and to create improvements that are achievable. We involve the whole team as much as possible, making sure that they are on board, assisting them.

Procurement Consultancy

We have achieved cashable savings by helping public sector organisations (from local authorities, acute hospitals and blue light services) to improve or transform their strategic sourcing function. Proper process controls are important to realise the savings that can be made. Our consulting team train and coach teams to help them to improve. They have helped organisations reshape their procurement process and have advised on how to structure the sharing of procurement resources so that all involved benefit.

Efficiency improvement and Lean Consultancy

Throughout all the public sector we have implemented effective lean and efficiency improvements. We undertake this by training the team working with live examples. We find this the most effective way to win the hearts and minds of the team and ensure continual improvements carry on long after we leave. An example of this is a case study of our work at  Wrightington Hospital  – an acute hospital where we employed Lean techniques to enable staff to redesign their work stream. The throughput of operating theatres was improved by 20% by managing the demand, ensuring appropriate patient preparation and timely patient discharge.

Transport Management Consultancy

Our logistics experts have reviewed and reconfigured passenger transport for a number of local authorities, primarily for the transportation of vulnerable adults and children. Their transport consulting goes further than route planning, and on occasion they have been called in to help manage the whole tender process from market consultation to the writing of the tender and then reviewing of responses. Our Consultants have also helped with verifying, updating and justifying downstream issues that can affect costs for example risk assessments and opening times which in themselves can lead to cost reductions.

Take a look at our case study of our work with a London Borough where we achieved savings of over 20%.

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