Consultancy for Local Government and Community

Consulting Services

ConsultantsHere at The Consultancy Company we have a specialist team of consultants who have all had many years’ experience at senior management level within local Government, local authorities and not for profit organisations. They have in-depth knowledge in the areas of Social Care, both adult and children’s, procurement, transport management and tender preparation. They are all currently active members of a charity or NPO. Their approach is practical and thorough, working alongside clients as diverse as charities, councils, police forces and care providers to gain a full understanding of the processes, issues and problems, and applying their deep technical knowledge and real-world expertise to deliver workable results quickly and efficiently.

Social Care Consultancy

With large demographic changes taking place our consultants have been carrying out strategic reviews for clients delivering social care within the local community. Their full understanding of the social care market has resulted in in-depth analysis, and the reviews have revealed surprising results and indicate that substantial cashable savings are achievable. Our team has undertaken needs assessments and trends analyses along with the evaluation of the effectiveness of a variety of initiatives. Proper analysis and obtaining buy in from the whole team ensures sustainability of the supply of adult and child social care services and a cost effective strategy for the local authority.

Procurement Consultancy

We have achieved cashable savings by helping public sector organisations from local authorities, acute hospitals and police forces to improve or transform their strategic sourcing function. Proper process controls are important to realise the savings that can be made. Our consulting team train and coach teams to help them to improve. They have helped organisations reshape their procurement process and have advised on how to structure the sharing of procurement resources so that all involved benefit.

Transport Management

Local Authority TransportOur logistics experts have reviewed and reconfigured passenger transport for a number of local authorities, primarily for the transportation of vulnerable adults and children. Their transport consulting goes further than route planning, and on occasion they have been called in to help manage the whole tender process from market consultation to the writing of the tender and then reviewing of responses. Our Consultants have also helped with verifying, updating and justifying risk assessments, which in themselves can inadvertently unnecessarily increase costs to the council if they are excessive. Take a look at our case study of our work with a London Borough where we achieved savings of over 20%.

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