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Consulting Services

The team of Business Management Consultants here at The Consultancy Company have extensive senior management and “hands-on” experience gained working for legal practices, customer service functions, facilities management and back office operations among others. The extensive technical knowledge that they have developed in their “real world” situations enables us to deliver sustainable results quickly and efficiently.

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Our Business Services Consultants have been able to help organisations from major international law firms, inbound and outbound customer service functions plus outsourced work from the public sector.


Process Improvement

We have been able to organisations by reviewing processes, improving efficiency or implementing Lean principles to reduce costs, improve quality or speed up processing times. Cost reduction is less about cutting budgets, and more about eliminating cost by reducing waste – which in turn reduces your budgets. Part of this review will be to take a look at the management of supplier relationships, and how working to improve these can add value to your business.

Organisational Management

The Business Services consulting team have undertaken reviews for organisations, analysing functions that are not core and can be outsourced, creating the business case, programme management of the process and delivering the requirement.

Facility Management and Centralisation

Woman workingFrom merging offices to transferring hundreds of staff from one organisation to another, managing the new TUPE rules efficiently and effectively to centralising printing or technical skills within an organisation, these are all assignments that we have undertaken. Often changes need a fresh and objective view to cut across departments, companies, geographic controls and ensure all real requirements are met or exceeded. Getting the detail right is essential to ensuring that the centralisation occurs smoothly and delivers the cost saving and other benefits that are required.

Take at a look at a recent case study where we successfully managed the implementation of a new office for a London law firm, integrating all aspects of the firm’s business services to bring people, buildings, processes and technology together.

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