The challenges today for Procurement are many and varied so it’s important you’re prepared and capable of navigating the complex and rapidly changing environment.  The macro environment continues to present trials to Procurement, from the effects of the irregular pace of UK/EU negotiations, Macron’s reforms in France, Merkel’s power struggles in Germany to the antipathy shown by some economies to the NAFTA, TTIP and other key trade agreements. Whilst these could be considered to be ‘business as usual’, the increasing frequency of these types of events is creating fresh challenges for all.

Procurement needs to be closely examining its fitness and appropriateness to these external influences and have confidence that plans, infrastructure and the skills are in place to ensure it is delivering not only what it has promised but also creating value to an organisation.

Is your procurement ready, prepared, willing and able?  Here are some challenging questions you might wish to consider;

  • Is Procurement proactive in your organisation, does it anticipate and respond to external challenges?
  • Does Procurement think and plan strategically? Is it strongly connected to the business and the organisational goals?
  • Does Procurement consistently create commercially beneficial relationships that add real value to the organisation?
  • Is there clear leadership of Procurement across the organisation?
  • Would you recognise change and improvement in behaviours and processes driven by Procurement?
  • Are you regularly asking your Procurement team for their opinions or their ideas? Or do you tend to inform more than consult with them?
  • Is Procurement fully engaged with your organisation?

Most importantly, do you feel Procurement is a ‘trusted advisor’ to the stakeholders in your organisation or is it there simply to manage the processes and people, and make a few cost savings?  To help you gauge the relative health of your procurement and compare yourself with others of a similar type, we’ve created a short 10 question survey.

We’ll review your reply providing by email comparisons and benchmarking information from similar companies that we have already surveyed to show how you compare.

Example Report

For a more detailed and comprehensive assessment, please contact Murray Dilks  ku.oc1529412164.ycna1529412164tlusn1529412164oc-eh1529412164t@skl1529412164id.ya1529412164rrum1529412164

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