Do companies really understand their brands in the context of how consumers view the DNA?

To help identify and optimise their unique DNA, companies MUST listen to their customers.  I believe gaining a real understanding of what your customer’s views are can be enormously helpful in developing brand loyalty and future new products.  Below are some classic examples of brands that got it right:

Ribena: Focussed on fun for children and healthy benefits to their parents.  Children just wanted a sweet, fruit drink and parents wanted reassurance they were giving their children a healthy drink.

Uncle Ben’s Rice: Where consumers saw “Perfect results every time.”  Fail safe rice and meals allowing the brand to stretch into, not only other rices, but also to cook-in sauces. It was fascinating leading this process, understanding the customers.  It followed the massive success of Dolmio – a cook-in sauce for pasta dishes.  The customer feedback was clear that Uncle Ben’s was a great fit for any dishes which were rice related.

On the flip side, here are some example where brands got it wrong:

Harveys Bristol Cream: The producers tried to target the younger market by adding ice to the sherry and featuring it being drunk in a New York night club – a disaster.  Their core customers were Grandmothers who enjoyed it as their Christmas tipple and no way were youngsters going to drink what Granny drank!  The result was that, when Gonzalez Byass started to promoted Croft Original, featuring the perceived upper class pairing of Jeeves and Wooster, it looked like fun and became ‘cool.’  The result was a switch by many customers from Bristol Cream to Croft Original.

Uncle Ben’s Rice actually failed to stretch the brand into Savoury Rice because senior management chose to ignore consumer research and feedback on their pricing structure.

Conclusion: To enable your brand to expand, make sure you carefully undertake your customer research, listen to what it’s telling you and act upon that intelligence.

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