Free Resources

Title/AuthorMedia TypeDescriptionClick to downloadAuthor
Continuous Improvement Self-AuditAdobe PDFA short self-audit to question whether you are creating a climate that encourages Continuous ImprovementContinuous Improvement Self-AuditH Leach
How to talk to your Suppliers about Cutting Costs (without fear!) YouTubeThis video talks you through five simple straightforward steps to prepare and conduct a meeting to reduce costs with a supplier to ensure the best long term solution.How to talk to your SuppliersD Griffiths
Contract Checklist Adobe PDFComplete this essential checklist before signing a long term contract with your supplier.Contract ChecklistD Griffiths
Project Startup Checklist Adobe PDFAn essential checklist to steer you through setting up a new project to ensure a successful outcome.Project Startup ChecklistM Haydon
Sourcing a SupplierAdobe PDF3 key steps you need to know before sourcing a supplier.Sourcing a SupplierD Griffiths
Sustainable Continuous Improvement - Five Key StepsAdobe PDFOur simple five step process to turn your improvement ideas into reality has been proven to deliver exceptional results in almost any situation. Sustainable Continuous ImprovementH Leach
Stakeholder management guideAdobe PDFA simple guide and checklist to ensure you have identified the important issues and considered the most effective actions in managing stakeholders.Stakeholder Management GuideP Kelly
Manufacturing Execution SystemsAdobe PDFArticle exploring the competitive advantages gained by using MES Manufacturing Execution SystemsM Shaw
Starting your next B2B software selection Adobe PDFA simple guide to help you choose the best software solution for your B2B projects.Starting next b2b software selectionJonathan Pressey
SOP AssessmentAdobe PDFThis is a series of challenging questions to identify areas of your Sales and Operations Planning process (also called Integrated Business planning – IBP) that may need improving.SOP AssessmentAidan Salter