Building Operational Capability

Callcredit Information Group

The Client

Callcredit Information Group (CIG) is a leading consumer information management company that provides a range of B2B and B2C services These include credit scoring, credit management, direct marketing and fraud prevention.  The company has enjoyed, and continues to enjoy, sustained growth achieved organically as well as through focused acquisitions.

The various operational functions including IT, Customer Operations, Security and Business Change have been critical in enabling that growth. These functions all sit under the remit of the Chief Operating Officer (COO).

The Challenge

CIG needed to develop its operational capability to meet the future needs of the business.

The CIG board including the COO recognised that, whilst much had been achieved in each function, collectively there was a need to ensure that additional plans were developed to support further growth in an increasingly competitive market. Specific issues identified included:

  • Becoming more pro-active and adopting a more strategic outlook.
  • Cultivating a “service factory” ethos with a renewed emphasis on cost management.
  • Improving cross-functional communication and ensuring greater clarity on roles and responsibilities.
  • Building operational excellence, awareness and confidence into the organisational action plans.

At the heart of these challenges was the desire to ensure that actions were taken to evolve the structure and culture of Operations.

Our Approach

Our approach acknowledged that the different functions within Operations were at different stages of development and provided different types of services, internally, to customers and to end users. There was also a strong desire to involve senior managers in developing a shared understanding of the challenges faced and to work together in developing the Target Operating Model. A holistic view was taken of the changes required, acknowledging that sustained change would only be achieved if people, process, structure and culture were addressed.

Senior managers from across the business were asked to contribute and, through a series of facilitated workshops, the Operations Management Team worked on a series of common themes to develop their vision for the future and the actions required to achieve it.

Simple models of the operation were developed to help those involved to explore the challenges and develop, collaboratively, solutions that were both desirable and feasible.

A structured approach was followed that first established a common understanding of the “as-is”, developed a set of Design Principles that were then used to design the Target Operating Model and supporting Action Plan. Throughout this process, the executive board were consulted and involved to ensure alignment across the business, as well as to ensure buy-in to the proposed changes, that, in some cases, impacted other areas of the business.

“The change programme helped me create a well-constructed operating model and a sound approach to its implementation. As a result, I was able to create a different feel to the organisation. We were able to transform the areas that needed it, and bring clarity to all. The results are clear, our operational capability is unrecognisable, we are demonstrably better than our competition. We have also driven efficiency and cost savings whilst maintaining, and in some areas, improving employee engagement.”

Steve Humm – COO

The Results

  • A high-level understanding and visibility of operational activity and a change process that helped to educate key stakeholders.
  • A new Target Operating Model designed to develop operational capability and enable delivery of the business strategy and growth.
  • An agreed Action Plan developed collaboratively, and with buy-in from all impacted areas.
  • A detailed Implementation Plan established for key organisational restructures.
  • A change process that built trust and confidence in the effectiveness of the proposed plans.
  • Demonstrable progress of the various functions in developing an operational mind-set and starting their journey to operational excellence.
  • An Action Plan that supported the achievement of budgeted cost savings.

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