Case Studies

Driving Improvement at Vygon UK Vygon UK needed to improve a customisation process and called in The Consultancy Company to use a lean approach to achieve change. It had the side effects of improving morale, improving sales team knowledge and reducing waste. It is now seen as a pilot programme to implement a new culture … Read more Case Studies


The original article can be found at this webpage – 7 Best Practices for Employee Training Following these tips will help ensure your training session will not only meet all the course objectives but also yield satisfied participants who believe the experience was worthwhile on many levels. Posted: March 21, 2014 Article Author – … Read more Training


The original article can be found at this webpage – Strategy Development Best Practices By Joe Tawfik — July 5, 2016 What is Strategy & Why is it Important? The definition of strategy is multifaceted. Its broadest meaning is to provide a game plan for how the organisation will achieve its stated goals. This … Read more Strategy

Sales & Marketing

The original article can be found at this webpage – Sales and Marketing Alignment: Best Practices for Building a Revenue Machine By Craig Rosenberg One of the most important factors in creating a scalable, repeatable revenue machine is sales and marketing alignment. In aligned organizations, sales and marketing are working together in a coordinated … Read more Sales & Marketing


The original article can be found at this webpage – 10 Best Procurement Practices You Should Be Doing Now Want to be a “best in class” organization? Then follow the lead of highly successful companies and adopt these 10 practices in your own operation. In today’s economic environment, doing what you’ve always done—even if … Read more Procurement

Operational Excellence

Discover the Best Practices to Operational Excellence The original article can be found at this webpage – April 8th, 2019 – By Raphael Gonçalves Arias To achieve operational excellence, it is necessary to discover and structure best practices according to the context of your organization. Customer Focus, Leadership, People Engagement, Process Approach, Improvement, Evidence-Based … Read more Operational Excellence

Logistics Optimisation

The original article can be found at this webpage – Logistics: Best Practices For Optimizing The Last Mile Categories: Transportation Management Routing, Mobile & Telematics Retail Transportation & Logistics Services Organizations with last mile delivery operations are faced with an increasingly competitive marketplace. They are constantly challenged by customer demands, driver shortages, and adverse … Read more Logistics Optimisation

Inventory Optimisation

10 Inventory Management Best Practices for Improving Your Business The original article can be found at this webpage – Are you managing your inventory as effectively as possible? It’s OK if you’re not. Most businesses have plenty of areas to improve, especially in their warehouses. But if you don’t begin the process of upgrading … Read more Inventory Optimisation

Demand Management

The original article can be found at this webpage – Demand Management Best Practices     Is demand management illusively complex? Here’s a look at some best practices in demand management and characterization.  Supply Chain Planning is a continuous business process that enables firms from hospitals to chemicals to respond to emerging situations in an intelligent manner maintaining a balance … Read more Demand Management

Compliance Risk Management

Here’s a better way to do compliance and risk management The original article can be found at this webpage – As government regulations spread around the globe, geopolitical, regulatory, legal, and compliance risks continue to present challenges in the enterprise. With the proliferation of laws and rules and the increase in stakeholder expectations, your organization may be more vulnerable … Read more Compliance Risk Management