Who We Are

Who We Were

Our successful track record was built over a period of 20 years, was centred on a core team of exclusive senior consultants.

With extensive ‘hands on’ and senior management experience gained working in organisations similar to your own, their deep technical knowledge and real-world expertise enabled them to deliver sustainable results quickly and efficiently.

While understanding what it’s like to stand in clients’ shoes and confront the challenges they face, all our consultants were  specialists at uncovering the real facts and getting to the root causes of a situation.

As agents of change, we understood the complexity of roles, relationships and connections that can impact on successful outcomes. Working in small teams we got close to people, to engage hearts and minds, and transfer the skills they’ll need to sustain lasting change long after we had left.

As part of our partnership ‘in it together’ approach we’d agree clear objectives, a finite timescale and cost before we began any project. We’ve found this approach results in satisfied clients. Which is why 70% of our business cames from working with clients time and again.

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