Why clients chose us?

Our exclusive team did hold senior corporate positions implementing change after change before becoming consultants. This meant that our approach was grounded in real world experience and ensured that the solutions we developed with clients was  both achievable and sustainable in their organisation.

Each consultant brought a deep understanding of their specialist areas, along with a breadth of experience as general managers and senior executives. Coupled with a hands-on approach we enjoyed working as a team to help clients achieve their business objectives.

We had ISO 9001, Investors in People, were Cyber Essentials Accredited as well as being a Premier Practice with The Institute of Consulting. Our strap line, “Making strategy happen” was as a direct feedback from a client and an excellent summary of what we believed consultancy should deliver. Maybe that’s why our continued growth was driven by highly satisfied clients who engagde us for other projects and recommended us to others.

Why our assignments were successful


Our team took time to understand clients needs and the outcomes sought. Their experience meant that they knew how to develop a full understanding of the current situation and diagnose the issues that were preventing progress. Working alongside your team we followed the trail of evidence, clarify and challenge until a level of understanding and insight is achieved, based on facts which enabled a sound foundation for decision making.


The solutions we developed were worked out with clients collaboratively and via interactive sessions. This encouraged the facts and rationale that drove the recommendations to be explored, explained, discussed and challenged. This process helped the whole team to buy in to any changes agreed and ensured that desirable and feasible solutions were implemented.


We were comfortable with “rolling up our sleeves” and working with clients to implement the agreed solutions. That usually meant working side by side with client teams, sharing knowledge, guiding and supporting people at all levels to achieve the desired results. The amount of support provided could flex to match client needs; our desire was to transfer know-how so that clients were able to move forward by yourselves and ensure the changes made were sustainable.


We always adopted a number of tried and tested quality management processes that enabled us to deliver continuous improvement in the performance of our projects. Underpinning this was our commitment as ISO consultants to the ISO 9001 quality management system. ISO 9001 ensured that we created and maintained a management environment in which our staff were directly involved with achieving our quality goals.


Every situation was is different and so every assignment was crafted to match client culture, needs, and was adapted to provide clients with the best route to success. We assembled a team with the knowledge and skills required for a client’s situation. That team worked out the best approach to help a client achieve its objectives and they continuously reviewed and refreshed the approach with clients to ensure they were suitable for them, their teams and their organisation.